Do you have a garden? Do you want to dispose of your garden waste rather than compost it or lob it over the wall into next door’s? 

Then – if you haven’t done so already – you’ll need to sign up for a lovely brown bin online HERE or by phone: Tel. 609 1100 (Options 1 then 9). This applies to tenement dwellers as well as to ground-floor residents. 

The service year normally runs from October to October, but an extended period for registration starts today at 10am and continues until noon on 19 February. It will cost £25 and last until 6 October.

Collections are made every 2 weeks.

Residents getting Council Tax Reduction don’t need to pay for the service but do need to register to receive it. 

Anyone who hasn’t registered for the scheme can take their waste to one of the Council’s three Household Waste Recycling Centres. (The one nearest to Broughton is at Fillyside Road in Seafield.) 

The Council agreed to bring in the £25 annual charge this time last year in order to save £1.4M per year which could be better spent on other things. Missed collections caused controversy last autumn, but politicians have claimed since that the service has improved and is preferable to no service at all.

[Top image: Liz Sullivan, creative commons, Wikimedia.

Lower image: Miles Wolstenstone, creative commons, Wikimedia]


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