City of Edinburgh Council communication officers are keen to raise awareness of recycling opportunities across the capital, and have contacted Spurtle with the results of a recent survey.

Researchers interviewed 900 visitors to Edinburgh’s 4 Community Recycling Centres (CRCs). They discovered that Sighthill is the least well known CRC, and that Seafield is the best known. They also discovered that the 'average' visitor was a 49-year-old male. (Spurtle suspects he was wearing his socks and pants inside out to minimise washing-machine cycles.)

Less usefully, they learned that of this ludicrously skewed, self-selecting sample of recycling enthusiasts with cars:

  • 99 per cent were satisfied with the range of materials which could be recycled
  • 93 per cent rated their understanding of what can and cannot be recycled as good or excellent
  • 98 per cent found the CRCs easy to get to.

Whilst delighted by current visitors' levels of knowledge and satisfaction, we suggest future surveys concentrate on Edinburgh citizens without cars, particularly those dumping sofas down back alleys, paint down drains, and analogue televisions into wheelie bins.

For more information, click on the less-than-quite helpful CEC map below or visit www.edinburgh.gov.uk/waste or email waste@edinburgh.gov.uk  or Tel. 529 3030.