The Cockburn Association has recently expressed concern about the potential major redevelopment of Waverley Station which we summarised in Issue 283

In a position statement issued on 28 March, it highlights particular reservations about demolition of most of the Category A-listed structure and the consequent loss of heritage value and damage to its historic context. You can read the full statement HERE

Spurtle went on a walk round Waverley this morning. We found a great deal to admire, albeit often encased, obscured or defiled by later additions. Surely there's much that could be retained here – re-used, restored, and celebrated even as the station responds to new challenges. 

Below are some photographic results of our wander. We don’t think they require much explanation. However, we’d welcome any additional images or observations readers may have.

1. Calton Road steps in profile

2. Ironwork and lamppost on bridge from Calton Road

3. The view to Platform 2

4. The steps down

5. The northern ramp

6. The other end of Scotland Street Tunnel

7. A country platform, facing west

8. The main ticket office building

9. Built to last

10. 21st-century challenges


Calton Road