A new two-person figurative exhibition will show at Broughton Street's Union Gallery from 1 July to 2 August. It features the work of two outstanding Scottish talents: Dylan Lisle and Patsy McArthur.

Both artists trained at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen. Lisle's 'mastery of technique – married to his contemporary vision – creates work of beauty, serenity and mystery,' says Union's Rob Dawkins (see 'Knowledge' right). This is the largest body of his work to appear in Edinburgh for around eight years.

'McArthur creates evocative images with a psychological and emotional impact,' Dawkins continues. 'Her images deal with figures in motion or transition and allude to movement through psychological states. Using repetition as a tool, with the same figure appearing more than once in an image, she removes the work from realism so it becomes a site for multiple versions of self, or transitional human states.' (See 'Self' below.)

Given the burgeoning careers of these two artists, it is unlikely that they will ever exhibit together again. Now's your chance.