Issue 184 will be printed this evening, ready for distribution on 1 July through such Broughton outlets as  pubs, clubs, learned societies, beauticians, bookshops, schools, newsagents, cafés, galleries, hairdressers, delicatessens, purveyors of pleasures, chiropractors, carry-outs, couturiers, fishmongers, furnishers, places of worship, politicians, hot shavers, cool barbers, baboon wranglers, toy and gift-sellers, greengrocers, community centres, house agents, video shops, libraries, nooks and crannies, energetic grannies, loyal subscribers and reformed Evening News readers making amends, to name but a few.

Stories this time include New Town containerisation  potential knock-on effects of trams, two heroes, a free plunge, fame on the big screen, mystery on the small pavement, lexicography, hiccupping Hooray-Henries, and odd things to eat on Rodney Street.

You can download Issue 184 from our Home page by the light of the moon on Wednesday night, and find additional features such as Aeneas McHaar’s latest ‘Unreliable Geography’, news of young people helping their seniors, tram contentions, a Broughton rose garden, and a russet-coloured evergreen favourite.

In the meantime, if you have news, views, or money to throw at us, please contact the Spurtle at:  (Tel. 558 8574).