As you read this, the February Spurtle has not only rattled through the presses but leapt off the floor and into the arms of our black-spandex-clad ninja distribution operatives.

You won’t see or hear them, but over the next two days they’ll be fanning out across the barony and beyond, delivering hyper-local news from odd angles about and to the places other papers rarely reach.

Issue 270 begins with the elephant in the room, continues with a notable bear, and concludes by considering a potential cuckoo.

The whole kit and caboodle

It next covers depilation by soda, administration, planning news and new guises for old faces. We have charity and cycling news, street art, a not-so-obscure writer beset by breakfast-gravity, and a local woman with no plaque. Chuck in a siskin, confused garage and sociable cooks and there you have pages 2 and 3 scrambled and reduced and squeezed into a nutshell for your reading convenience.

Page 4 concludes with drifts, rifts, chimney pots and the possible demolition of yet another pug-ugly old friend. Spurtle offers links and suggestions. Don’t be sad … get organised.


Issue 270 will soon be available across Broughton in: eateries, drinkeries, libraries and galleries, hair salons, bike shops, book shops and bakeries, accountants, beauticians, offices, newsagents, off-licences and all leading pop-up lute repairers between Howe Street and Pilrig Park.

Alternatively, download your beautiful 4-colour pdf from the top-right-hand corner of our homepage here after midnight tonight.

AND REMEMBER—As always, we rely on your news, views, insights, leaks, hints, winks, photos, expertise and offers of legs. Please continue to keep us posted in 2018.

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