As you read this, the August printed edition of the Spurtle is thundering off the press like a flash flood down Dublin Street. Copies will be inundating areas near you soon. 

Page 1 launches with a playground splash, mixed views on an uphill struggle, more political promises, and a new date for the return of nude bathing in the Water of Leith.  

On Page 2 we cover the perils of outdoor quaffing, a temporary surfeit of thin air, zappers from bangers, words from the Plod, greater independence, the difficulty with size, the challenge of promotion, and the trouble with devils and the deep blue seas. 

On Page 3 we briefly lavish praise where deserved before getting browned-off again. We hang out with the local fisherfolk, and return for a more in-depth account of a remarkable local film success.

Subheading just for the look of it

We welcome and deplore outdoor catering, revisit some absurd Planning convolutions, bend over backwards to be welcoming on Broughton Street, flag-up a forthcoming meeting, and celebrate green and pleasant local spaces justly honoured last month.

On Page 4 there’s a Dutch bun, a hole in the wall, a magical replacement of froth, a call for more signage and a late-breaking report of less.

Confused? It must be the heat. Pick up your UVA/UVA/UVF-resistant paper copy from any of the usual shops, libraries, eateries and drinkeries and all will become startling clear in black and white. For those who like their news electronic and dazzling, a colourful pdf will be available to download on our website here from midnight on 1 August.

If you have Broughton news, views or reviews, suspicions, expectations or mind-boggling tales to tell in strictest confidence, get in touch at or @theSpurtle or Facebook. We’re always eager to hear from you.


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