As you read this, copies of the September Spurtle are already percolating through the barony like fresh coffee through a linen tablecloth.

Issue 277 brings you a bear, a yarn bomb, and much ado about Planning; a liner on Dublin Street, an abundance of butterflies, an abomination of slithering, another bear, views on views and a special 70th-birthday celebration. 

We have 190-year-old news on fundraising, month-old news on fundraising, and forthcoming news on keeping up with the times. Not to mention a bridge, bus service and former foundry – all in various stages of collapse.

Page 4 concludes with information on roadworks, worship, free water, locals on local life, and a brief teaser about ghostly goings-on in Broughton Street.

Paper copies will be available throughout Broughton tomorrow, or – if you can’t wait that long – non-foldable pdfs can be downloaded from our HOME PAGE after midnight tonight.

If you have news, opinions, photos, gossip, leaks or spare limbs you’d like to lend in the service of hyperlocal journalism, please get in touch at or @theSpurtle or Facebook.

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