Here, in more detail than we had room to report in Issue 274, is Tom Hodges, whose return to Edinburgh is marked this evening by the launch of Typewronger Books in gallery space within long-established MacNaughtan’s on Haddington Place.

‘We’re going to be stocking a variety of new titles, by which I mean not second-hand,’ Hodges told the Spurtle. 

‘We’ll cover classic and contemporary fiction, plenty of sci-fi, fantasy, murder and poetry, as well as some non-fiction works in biography, memoirs, travel, history, children's books, science and philosophy.

It’s a collection with an international feel, appropriately enough for someone who has previously worked for Heywood Hill in London, Shakespeare and Company in Paris, and Desperate Literature in Madrid. 

‘I like to support small publishers and indies (see right), and will also be featuring local presses and work by local authors and artists.

‘I believe in the importance of having a community of writers, artists, musicians and readers around the shop, and intend to organise various events. 

‘I also provide a bespoke subscription service where I interview subscribers and then send them a book a month, based on their preferences, along with a typewritten note. 

‘And I fix typewriters.’

3a–4a Haddington Place
55° 57' 33.6312" N, 3° 11' 1.8456" W