This ramshackle structure at the end of Bellevue Rd is facing its final curtain.

Work began today on taking down the roof and upper storey of the B-listed Victorian building, which has sat empty, overgrown, and increasingly derelict in recent years.

All right, we're not talking about the Fall of Rome, but even modest buildings have their place in heart and memory. Before being deserted, this one served for many years as a car body-shop and mechanic's garage. Very early in the 20th century it is believed to have been used as an egg warehouse, and before that, possibly, as an outbuilding associated either with the nearby dairy farm at the corner of Bonnington and McDonald Roads, or with the former Blandfield House which stood on the site where the school stands now.

Generations have worked in it, lived in it, invested hope and money in it, wondered about it, or allowed it to settle – quietly and without question – at the periphery of their own, more immediate concerns.

It is an odd, scruffy, uncherished, little corner of Broughton which, even so, should not pass unremarked