This afternoon’s Processions event was a joyful, multi-coloured, multi-aged celebration of UK women’s suffrage 100 years on. 

It was a raucous, rhythmic and good-humoured commemoration of women’s past successful struggles, their current achievements, and ongoing social and political challenges. 

It all began in the Meadows with sensible arrangements on an epic scale. 

Right from the start there were smiles.

The procession finally swung down the Royal Mile in ribbons of Green, White and Violet  (the Suffragette colours signifying Give Women Votes).

There was a wonderful cacophony of bagpipes, samba drums, a cappella tunes, whoops, whistles and cheers.

This little person needed a quick pick-me-up.

Some recalled distant voices.

Others celebrated heroines old and new.

Some looked stirred.

Others looked like the refreshment tent couldn’t come soon enough.

All in all, it was a triumphant, life-affirming and inspiring success.


Royal Mile