Spurtle out soon


People of Broughton, are you too hot? 

Then chill out with a super-cool copy of the July Spurtle, available across the barony and beyond from tomorrow. 

Issue 275 kicks off with news about tram engineers and local citizens divided by common aspirations. It continues with news from North Korea and a well-kent local face now captured on screen. There is also a tweet full of ticks. 


As you read this, the February Spurtle has not only rattled through the presses but leapt off the floor and into the arms of our black-spandex-clad ninja distribution operatives.

You won’t see or hear them, but over the next two days they’ll be fanning out across the barony and beyond, delivering hyper-local news from odd angles about and to the places other papers rarely reach.

Issue 270 begins with the elephant in the room, continues with a notable bear, and concludes by considering a potential cuckoo.

The whole kit and caboodle


Spurtle’s Issue 269 comes out in December and will be the last until February, straddling the New Year period like a huge but elegant new road bridge with only a few piddling surface issues which it’s hardly worth mentioning despite the fact that in time they may cause the entire edifice to collapse. So we won’t. 

Page 1 is mostly about the dizzying spin that is Picardy Place, although we also find room for a desirable dragon and make confident predictions about what Leithers will be arguing about in 2018.


It’s nearly September, and the new Spurtles are ripening on the vine in a printshop near you. 

Bursting with juicy interest, our luscious clusters contain news of locals in a spin, good causes, high stakes, and soggy bottoms not on the telly. 

You want Gardening tips? We got ‘em. Thinking of putting your foot in it? We give reasons not to. 


As you read this, copies of July’s Spurtle will be hurtling from the presses like bathers from a stray turd in the shallows at Glenogle.

Page 1 of Issue 264 brings you not one, not two, not three, but SIX local stories bearing on world-shaking events here in Broughton – everything from piles to Panamas and the travails of community councillors faced by diverting models.

On page 2 there’s news of a horse, daylight robbery, and a crumbling old friend in the park. Parking and planning feature, as do bins and the Botanics’ problems with accurately describing the seasons.

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