Accident waiting to happen

Dear Spurtle 

I attach two photographs of a very dangerous broken pavement outside the Territorial Army Centre in East Claremont Street, Edinburgh.

This pavement is dilapidated, sunken and badly broken in several places. Remedial works are long overdue!  

This pavement presents a serious trip hazard particularly for the elderly and visually impaired. If anyone suffers a nasty accident by tripping in this location, our hard-pressed NHS would be put to the considerable expense of treating broken bones; possibly worse. 

If memory serves me well, the City Council's budget for pavement replacement works was underspent last year. Last summer, I reported the condition of the pavement in a different location in East Claremont Street to the City Council. I was told that replacement pavement works might commence in the financial year 2019/2020 but such works could not be guaranteed.

It seems that the City Council is confident that it is able to deliver the Tram link extension to Leith and Newhaven on budget, and on time, but it is beyond the wit of the City Council's finest to programme pavement replacement works where they are urgently needed.   

Shane Carter

East Claremont Street