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The bell ... the bell!

Dear Spurtle 

We recently bought a flat less than 100m from the St Stephen's bell, on Cumberland Street [Breaking news, 2.9.14; 3.9.14]. 

The hourly chimes are a distinct and established part of the history, the character and the appeal of the area. We knew they were there when we chose the flat, and they are absolutely one of the reasons we love it. 

For the Council to silence the chimes after a handful of complaints is ridiculous and illogical and reflects all that's wrong with unthinking, reactionary local government. The bells have been ringing for nearly 200 years. Historical sound is as much part of the city as architecture. Thousands and thousands of people hear and appreciate the chimes every day. The complainers should never have moved nearby if they didn't like the bells and are free to relocate.

The Council should have the wisdom to see this and the guts to tell them so, and not waste their time and our taxes on such nonsense.

Rob Burnet

(Cumberland Street)