Better out than in

Dear Spurtle, 
I am regularly incensed, and rather than rant vocally I do so in rhyme. I sent you a poem about seagulls and bin bags a few years ago. Here’s one on the new buses (Services 11 and 16).
Moira Vaughan



Once Lothian Transport was better by far

Than others in Scotland; sure beat a car.

But now the arrival of 100-seat buses

Is ruining that – here’s what the fuss is:

They’re not really friendly for blind, tall or old.

The back seats bump heads and the seating is cold

Where Door No. 2 wheechs in draughts of iced air.

If you’re in a buggy you now cannot share

A slot with a wheelchair. There just isn’t space

So your Mum has to walk, the rain in her face.

No bin for the rubbish, a daft-sounding bell.

The ‘out’ step is high, at times bin-blocked as well.

Who tried out these beasties, pronouncing them fit?

So many users are starting to quit

And seek out a bus that will take them aboard

Where access is possible, needs not ignored.

The drivers are wonderful, mostly, and so

We like to say thank you to them when we go.

But shouting’s a pain, it’s so far from Door 2

And people don’t like when they hold up a queue.

’Twas not a good bargain. Our views were not sought.

These buses are dreadful, should not have been bought.