Council seeks solution for Broughton Street 'blot'

Dear Editor

Re: ‘Broughton Street Blot, Edinburgh Problem’ (Breaking news, 28.10.13)

The Council recognises how vital it is that we all work towards keeping our beautiful city as clean and presentable as possible. I am aware of particular problems with trade waste in the Broughton Street area and appreciate the issues surrounding trade waste on the city’s streets. There has been an increasing number of problems with rubbish around trade waste bins, with some businesses leaving them out overnight, making them vulnerable to being ripped open by animals. 

I have also spoken recently to local Councillors who have raised these issues with me. I’m determined to find a workable solution to these problems and stress that any irresponsible businesses will be fined if rubbish is not presented properly. In the last year, although the Council issued 897 Fixed Penalty Notices to businesses across Edinburgh for trade waste infringements, it is clear that further action is needed.

This is why, as reported by the Spurtle, the Council has recently agreed to pilot strictly controlled times when trade waste can be presented on our streets and the intention is to roll this out across the city as quickly as possible. I also understand that Broughton Street, which receives twice weekly kerbside sack collections is currently being considered for the introduction of gull proof sacks which will also help to improve the situation. In addition, while I’m aware that the Broughton area is regularly cleansed by our Task Force, I have also requested that the concerns raised in the article are investigated and appropriate action taken to address these.

Finally, I would stress that while the Council takes its cleansing and waste collection responsibilities seriously, all businesses and residents also have a social responsibility to keep our streets free from rubbish and litter. It is only through everyone working together that we can keep the whole of Edinburgh including Broughton clean and a city to be proud of.
Yours etc.

Cllr Lesley Hinds
Convener Transport & Environment
The City of Edinburgh Council