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Crash, bang, rattle – It's what they do

Dear Spurtle,

I keenly read most articles in your editions, and the article on your front page on Lothian Buses use of E London St (Issue 328) resonated with similar issues we have in McDonald Road.  More Lothian Buses vehicles come along the street now, with a bus stop just outside the Co-Op. They regularly sit there with their engines running for no reason.

My main issue, however, is with the Co-Op. Every morning around 7am, 7 days a week, the Co-Op get their main delivery. If not already awake from their earlier deliveries, we generally are as the delivery gets into full swing with staff bringing out very noisy metal cages, pushing them over the pavement before interconnecting them with very little consideration for surrounding neighbours – more of a ‘We’re awake and so should you be!’ approach.  

The level of noise is unbearable, and we cannot keep windows open overnight into the mornings because of this problem.

We have reported this issue to the Council. However, they state that deliveries are acceptable between 0700 and whatever time in the evening – not very helpful, but something we have come to expect from them.

Graeme Stronach

(McDonald Rd)