Downhill on East Claremont Street

Hi Spurtle 

For around 4–6 months now, the black skips/bins at the bottom end of East Claremont street have been encroaching on parking spaces more and more. 

Twinned with the fact the cobbled speed bumps limit the space available for parking in these areas, the binmen’s failure to move the bins back into their 'lined areas' of the street means we lose 1/2 parking spaces for cars. This is in a part of town where the number of cars seeking space is growing, but the number of spaces available every year is dropping, due to the Council's overly sensitive use of space. 

The binmen haven’t bothered to shift these at all over the past 4-6 months, and indeed, due to the slope of the street, the fact is they will be moving further and further down as time passes. The Council should really make a concerted effort to make sure that with 1–2 minutes of effort every 3–4 months, each of these skips is placed in the correct area, so that it frees up more parking space for local residents.

The one on the other side of the street is doing the same further down, but should a local resident with parking permit then decide to 'park' in an area that is lined off for these bins/skips but is currently vacant as they move further and further down the street, a parking attendant would give them a parking ticket for doing so!

R. Shedden

(East Claremont Street)

Dear Mr Shedden

Perhaps we shouldn’t rush to blame the binmen. Have you considered the possibility that the bins themselves may be responsible as they seek to return to Powderhall in order to spawn?—Ed.