Expletive deleted


The other day I saw a gentleman wearing a t-shirt with the message:

'I ♥ Leith – 'cos there’s no ****ing trams'.

Does anyone know where I can get one?

Alan G. Melville

(Shaw’s Street)



We don't know where you can get one.

This organ takes a different view. We look forward to a Leithward extension of the tramline.

We see it as a green means to speed the free flow of peoples between Broughton and the Forth. We think it would stimulate economic growth and encourage even more cosmopolitanism north of Spurtleshire.

If you hear of an establishment selling t-shirts which reflect our position, we would be delighted to learn of it.

The Editor


 Ady Gaham I am the proud owner of 2 t-shirts described by your letter i had them made specially one blue one black . . .

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