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Faith restored; will-to-live lost

Dear Spurtle  

I was fortunate enough to be at last Wednesday’s Stockbridge and Inverleith Community Council (S&ICC) meeting which restored my faith in local democracy. 

Mr Johnson-Cooper’s passionate and informed plea in support of the St Stephen’s Church clock bell was impressive and persuasive. He was not alone. There were several others who spoke in support.

It is irksome, to say the least, that the S&ICC is so reluctant to take on board the settled view of the Stockbridge community. But there we are – perhaps they have other fish to fry. Representing Stockbridge is clearly not one of them.

Thank God that we still have people like Mr Johnson-Cooper who are willing and able to say what needs to be said.

On a minor note, can Mr Brennan (S&ICC chair) be slightly less partisan and – please, please – can we keep Councillor Hinds’s contributions to a maximum of two minutes? Her constant droning-on makes you lose the will to live.

John Ross

(Dundas Street) 

[See also Breaking news, 22.10.14.]


This is the way to write letters to the paper: blunt, focused, and with an incendiary last sentence. 

@theSpurtle just be glad you have residents actually coming to your meetings, not to mention writing letters about them ... @salidatious

@theSpurtle Be afraid. Be very afraid. Don't diss @LAHinds A quote from her printed in @edinburghpaper .

Embedded image permalink Lizzie Rynne ‏@CityCycling 1 hour ago

@theSpurtle @dawl17 I feel sympathy with the writer

@CityCycling @theSpurtle that's why I'm standing for my local community council, same problem!

@theSpurtle I wonder how the 'settled will of the Stockbridge community' has been gauged by your correspondent. Those who shout the loudest?

@theSpurtle the Council are run by Dave Spart clones who hate the middle, upper middle andupper classes, from which most Sparts come from

@theSpurtle Stockbridge logic: bell must chime for those who won't hear it as they're asleep; disturbed to stay awake to appease sleepers.

@theSpurtle Anyway, I thought the 'settled will' of Stockbridge was that Raeburn Place be transformed into a charity shop ghetto.

@theSpurtle so you support letters which are rude and only report their interpretation of a meeting?

@NewTownFlaneur @theSpurtle I thought the settled will was to alienate riffraff from the farmers' market.

@theSpurtle @nigelbagshaw interesting you retweet this letter when you were not at this meeting?

@LAHinds @theSpurtle Sounds like I wouldn't have got a word in edgeways

@LAHinds It's all rather bullying, isn't it. @theSpurtle @nigelbagshaw

@nigelbagshaw @theSpurtle perhaps you should speak to members of the Community Council?

@nigelbagshaw @theSpurtle perhaps you should speak to members of the Community Council?

@LAHinds @theSpurtle Lesley, I was away on leave but will of course catch up with the members

 SMK007 ‏@woolfox007  34 minutes ago

@NTCleanStreets @NewTownFlaneur @theSpurtle Live beside church but opinion never asked. For record, don't agree bells should ring at night.

@LAHinds @nigelbagshaw @theSpurtle "Settled will" a misrepresentation, I live beside church and have never been asked my opinion

@LAHinds @nigelbagshaw @theSpurtle, OK if I stand outside windows of The Settled Will to shout out the time every hour during the night?

@woolfox007 Sorry, it's only charming if you've been doing it since 1862! @LAHinds @nigelbagshaw @theSpurtleSMK007 ‏@woolfox007  24m

@NTCleanStreets @LAHinds @nigelbagshaw @theSpurtle but if I start now, should be able to plague grandchildren of Settled Will with impunity?

Spurtle's one point was: 'This is the way to write letters to the paper'. Number of replies & umpteen retweets proves it. @LAHinds

 Ally Tibbitt ‏@allytibbitt 7 minutes ago

@theSpurtle It's not 'droning on' it's 'leadership' as any light rail enthusiast will confirm. 

@theSpurtle @allytibbitt *gets out popcorn and follows tweets*

It's all about the church bells in Edinburgh.