Hail the George Street loss of decking

Dear Spurtle 

Thank goodness it’s going (Breaking news, 30.12.14)! 

Totally spoils an already slightly spoilt looking street. 

It needs improved not made to look worse. 

We live in Scotland. We don’t need outdoor eateries that lack atmosphere. We have a great Festival, however it doesn’t mean we need, or want, it all year round.

I’ve cycled George Street a couple times and near been knocked off, and visa versa sadly I nearly knocked someone over. The cycle lanes are horrendous, pedestrians don’t look, and many cyclists don’t care.

I don’t mind things being trialled, but how much money was spent?

I’m really getting to my limit with continual activity in Edinburgh. I once loved my city. Now it’s becoming tacky, busy, expensive, with a constant need to 'sell it'. It sells itself. It’s beautiful.

PLEASE just leave some natural areas and stop being a 'try hard'. We're just fine as we are, ta!

Dawn Leuchars

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