Happy to read of faeces dejecta


Allow me to congratulate you on the long overdue exposition of the historic role of the Broughton Burn in the context of the East Claremont Street roadworks, and, indeed, the wider economic, political, social and legal impact of drainage and sewage [Breaking news, 31.12.14]. 

To further discourse on this matter, I would like to draw your attention to an excellent and fluently written article in the American Scientist which reviews three outstanding books – including one mentioned in your piece – which together treat the issue in the most comprehensive fashion.

Of more local, but perhaps deeper, interest is another reference I would like to share with your readers: the archive of Edinburgh's drainage records (1875–1950), which can be found here.

Alas, navigating through its 110,000 records is not a smooth affair and does take some effort.

Yours faithfully

Harald Tobermann
(Pilrig Street)