Hellish old new-build

Dear Spurtle 

Am I alone in thinking the large stone carbuncle lauded and applauded as the latest addition to The Botanics is hellish? ('Botanic Cottage Wins High Praise', 18 December

What a dreadful loss of open land and a missed opportunity to have done something great for or near Leith Walk, the site of its original location. 

The creep of 'hobby/because we can' projects such as this is both worrying and annoying. 

If those in charge of the money have cash to splash, please consider spreading it around the country instead of building faux and dominant new builds such as the ‘Cottage’.

S. May

(Warriston Road)


 Bob Murphy Yes, I think they are alone.

 Pamela Dobbie Is it not the old botanic cottage? Why would you object to that?

 David Tant It should have been left where it was. It looks garish and kitsch. The amount of new stone used makes the " saving " of the cottage irrelevant.

The Botanic Garden long lost it's special place in the hearts of those who love plants and quiet contemplation. Now it is just another venue for rich Stockbridge yummy mummies and there ill mannered children. Last time I saw children climbing rare trees and breaking branches while the parents sat watching.

 Marc Robertson Daft letter. It's a lovely house , and well done to all those who campaigned hard to save the building from demolition.

 Paul Burgess Nothing wrong with it. Great addition to the botanics

 Scott Richards Just goes to show you can't please all of the people all of the time.

 Shelagh McDougall I love that it has been given a new lease of life in a place where it can be used appropriately, even if it did need some new stones I think it looks splendid.

 Bri Forsyth I smell misery guts

 Colin Tate Haven't seen the cottage properly. So yet to decide. However I tend to agree with David Tant that the botanics have become a yummie mummy paradise where their little sweethearts can tear the branches off trees etc. I've seen that too. Personally I think they should introduce an entrance charge to discourage this sort of thing.

 Roberta Buchan While I sympathise with the longing for peace and quiet, I see it as vitally important to introduce young children to the Botanic Gardens if we are to see them continue to thrive as valued part if the community not a dying relic. I know that may sound unlikely at present but it is what happens to places when not enough people continue to see them as relevant and the funding drops away. What was once taken for granted can no longer be so. Howeve letting children clamber and damage trees is another matter altogether. They need to be asked to stop and the reason explained. This is parents' responsibility.

See also 'Why Botanic Cottage had to move' (Letters, 21.1.16).