High time for a spurt


Dear Spurtle, 

The improvements to the streetscape in Elm Row have been going on for the best part of two years, which is an inordinate amount of time to complete a small 'legacy improvement project' as a result of the Tram extension works. Access to Montgomery Street from Leith Walk has been closed for a similar period of time.

The businesses trading in Elm Row have endured this disgusting, dirty, eyesore for far too long. Elm Row businesses have also faced difficult economic conditions throughout this two-year period (initially with the Covid 19 pandemic) and are, no doubt, continuing to suffer a drop in takings with the cost-of-living crisis not to mention the streetscape improvement works.

Whenever one passes Elm Row, one can see that there is no evidence of work taking place for eight hours every day; day in, day out. It is high time the City Council ensured that the eyesore which has existed at Elm Row for far too long is brought to a conclusion.

The City Council should also pay more attention to its economic development remit and never allow a sloppy situation like this to recur anywhere in the City; especially where businesses, not the Council, pay the price. 

I am not sure that a Spurtle will do the trick - a rocket might expedite matters. One way or another, the project team and the City Council need to get a spurt on. 

Shane Carter

East Claremont Street