Need for joined-up ticketing

Dear Spurtle,

So the Council has a plan, that's a first, to cut car journeys by 30% and so increase public transport by 30%. A bold idea.

So why oh why are they constantly diverting bus routes and switching temporary bus stops, making each journey by bus an SAS or Krypton Factor exercise? Trying to get a bus across Edinburgh is like a Channel 4 game show, or on the BBC, Pointless.

The state of Queensland, bigger in area than Scotland, has a single travel card that gives cheap travel on buses, trains and trams. Edinburgh can't even do that. The country that perfected  the steam engine by Watt and the sassenach railways by Stephenson, just south of the Border.

Why can't we have a single travel card that works on buses, trams and the railway? 

Kevin Illingworth