Not too bright

Dear Spurtle 

Dare we hope – even ironically – for ‘high principles’ and ‘consistency’ from CEC ('No go for tram adverts', 6.12.16)?  

Not even in small matters, far less whole streetscapes, if one recent ruling from planning officials is anything to go by (Ref. 16/00074/ELBB).

It was written in response to concerns (mine) about glaring, high-intensity security lights being attached to the gable end of an A-Listed New Town residence:

The works described above [i.e. the attachment of security lights] have altered the listed building in a manner which has affected its character as a building of special architectural and historical interest. A breach in terms of listed building control and planning control has occurred.

Great! But just a few lines later they conclude: 

The security lights do not have an adverse impact on the historic character and appearance of the listed building, or the New Town Conservation Area.

Consistency? More like chaos and confusion – as reflected in the chronically restless and unsettled state of Edinburgh city centre.

David Young

(India Street)