Not an uplifting experience

Dear Spurtle

 I have been trying to arrange the uplift of a mattress. The new process required me to:

  • create an online account (for something you might use once every five years)
  • enter my address 
  • reply to an email confirming it was me
  • log in again to book the uplift
  • enter my address
  • go to a payment site
  • enter my address.

So, I had to enter the same address three times and the Council website postcode look-up couldn't find me. Which is funny because they have no problems sending me a Council Tax bill.

Twenty minutes later … I got a reply saying it would take them two weeks to remove the item! What is this, the 1970s? Is the Market Street HQ full of people wearing flares and tank tops?

Meanwhile, when I recently renewed my passport online, it arrived nine days later. 

So, it’s quicker to get a new passport than to get a mattress taken away by City of Edinburgh Council. No wonder so much stuff gets dumped in the street. 

Frustrated Local Resident

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]