Old-school chastisement and the smart response

Dear Spurtle 

I am appalled at the Scottish Government’s ill-considered intention to ban the reasonable chastisement of children by their parents. 

In my schooldays, corporal punishment was a way of distinguishing the sheep from the goats. It was only the brightest kids who realised that if an adult hit you, they had lost the argument and that you could continue what you were doing that had attracted their ire but with more discretion and care to avoid detection. 

The thicker bairns, on the other hand, never made this connection and usually responded compliantly to a good belting. Since the tawse was abolished in Scottish schools, we have seen generations of feral children growing up into ill-mannered and loutish thugs. 

The few decent parents who attempt to do what schools used to do will now be deprived of a viable means to control their lumpen offspring. And intelligent kids will miss out on a valuable lesson about adult psychology.

John Eoin Douglas 
(Spey Terrace)