Pavement poops and black-bag nuisances

Looks as though this bin outsisde 83 Bellevue Road has become a magnet for dumping dog dirt. Not sure what the dog owners expect will happen to the bags, but they won't be removed by the bin lorry driver.

Also attached is a picture of a black plastic bag which is not supposed to be put in the recycling bin.

Since the inception of the ‘new’ system I have seen a large number of plastic bags inside this recycling bin. Is anyone monitoring this to find out if the scheme is successful or not?

In July this year I twice reported illegal dumping on the pavement outside this bin – beginning of the month and half way through. On both occasions I asked for feedback and still await a response.

Any help you could give on this subject would be much appreciated as the ‘reporting to the Council’ system seems to be useless both via e-mail and phone.

Ian Finlayson

(Bellevue Road)