People art in action

Hi Spurtle

I read your article with interest and a degree of sadness that the reinstatement of the riverbed Gormley statues has still to be resolved (Breaking news, 15.7.15).

However, over the past month I have been been interested in an alternative to the Gormley statues taking place on the Water of Leith stretch between Stockbridge and the Dean Village.  

Some of the works look like they’re still in progress, and a few perhaps resemble miniature Easter Island statues. There is in my opinion one of them that – from  afar and through half-shut eyes – perhaps is a near substitute for a  Gormley.

I am sure the cost is nowhere near the Gormley Six Times £0.5m. 

John MacDonald

(Jamaica Street North Lane)

 PS: See my attached pics.



 Marianne Wheelaghan brilliant letter - and statue smile emoticon