Satisfied customer!

Dear Spurtle 

Just a word of thanks to all involved in looking after our precious local parks!!  Also to those involved in the care and maintenance of our really fine parks !! Thank you again and again !!

And especially to those who just recently installed all the brand new seats … most of them with the old names attached!  For example, the bench sitting just across from the Carpet Shop in Mill Lane bears the name William Merrilees, Chief Constable of Scotland … his mother and mine were close friends !!!

Oh what treasured memories attached to each brand new bench !!!

May I add that, during the Second World War, our family and those regulars – the old Ballantyne  Roaders – would shuffle across Great Junction Street – just at the old State Cinema - and into Taylor Gardens … and make our way down the four  or five  steps into the air-raid shelters to await the welcome 'all-clear' siren. Yes, memories can linger !!

Thanks for Spurtle … we await each copy with eager anticipation !!!

Just a Leith laddy

George Cruikshank