St Stephen's bell – one day truce over

Dear Editor   

My very last word, I promise, on this subject [in response to Letters, 23.12.14]

I’ve lived on Dundas Street for over 25 years.  And I, like many others, love the bells of St Stephen’s which, apart from the unwanted interference of the last year, have rung out for over 180 years. 

They are an integral part of our neighbourhood – similar to the 1 o’clock gun and the various other events that typify Edinburgh and which, no doubt, irritate countless locals.

Are you suggesting they should be cancelled too? 

St Stephen’s is an Edinburgh tradition which needs to be preserved.

Incidentally, so far as being out of earshot is concerned, I can assure you that is not the case.

Don’t believe me?  Come to Dundas Street and listen.  Assuming, that is, the bells ever get switched back on.

John Ross

(Dundas Street)