That which we call a rise


I wonder how you pronounce the name ... I have heard Browton, Brawton and even Bruffton

I also have a challenge with Eyre Place. I say Ayr as in Jane Eyre but have heard Ire. Going further south, should it be Cal ton or Call ton? And I definitely NEVER say Holly-rood when it MUST be Holy-rood.

Colette Matheson
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 Patrick Hadfield "Brawton".



 Rhys Fullerton From now on I'll be calling it 'Bruffton'!

  Janice Johnson It's Broughton- Br as in low. English say it wrongly, Bro - as in ought. Very annoying. I am born and bred Edinburgh , it's 'ire' place!

 Emily Simpson As Janice says

 Ken Wilson ‏@KenWilson84

@theSpurtle Braw-tun