Drummond Commuity High School pupils Michal Wrobel, Alizah Mughal, Dalia Saadi and Haia Jihan will be filmed in and around the school as part of a new video resource for the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI). 

YPI is an 'inclusive, multi-award-winning secondary school program that strengthens the social sector by engaging youth in social issues, local charities, and grant-making'. The pupils were the winning team of this year's YPI competition in Drummond, gaining a £3,000 grant for their chosen charity, the Union of Turkish and Kurdish Refugee Families. 

The Edinburgh-based company HeeHaw is involved in creating two new videos which the four students will be involved in. These resources will be shown nationwide to all schools participating in YPI. 

Meanwhile S1 pupils are entering the BBC Radio 2 '500 words' short-story competition. The winners will recieve copious books, and have their stories read by famous actors and celebrities.

As well as entering pupils in the BBC competition, the school is going to run its own competition. An internal judging panel of staff, seniors and parents will choose gold, silver and bronze winners, who will be awarded book tokens and have readings of their stories videoed for the school website.

The top ten stories will be shared with an external panel (including a children’s author). Entries are awaited with anticipation!David Sterratt

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