Submitted by Editor on Thu, 31/10/2019 - 14:34

As you read this, early copies of the November Spurtle are already flittering across the halloween Barony like vampire bats out of a witch’s haunted coffin carried by zombies covered in spiders. Or something. 

Page 1 rattles its chains with news of disquiet, an abandoned station, the borderland between one world and the next, and things that cling in the night.

On Page 2 we look at the quick and the not-so-quick, odd noises from liminal spaces, mysterious diggers, and the folk who failed to materialise.

We have an Earthen Mound on Page 3 (who knows what lies beneath?), a parkland beset by strangers, and a tribe of devil-children disrespecting the sabbath.

Peculiar signs, revenants, dogs in low places, and Poundland make an appearance before Page 4 concludes with late news of an underbelly and the whiff of sulphur.

Copies of Issue 290 will appear all over Broughton and beyond in the usual outlets over the next few days. For those who can’t wait, a colourful pdf will be available to download from our website HERE on the stroke of midnight.