Submitted by Editor on Sat, 05/06/2010 - 21:15

Alan McIntosh – one of Spurtle's contributing-editors – wrote a guest blog for the Edinburgh Guardian's website on 2 June at www.guardian.co.uk/edinburgh.

He described the joys (or not) of delivering newspapers in the rain, the purpose and character of Spurtle, and tried to define Broughton.

The Evening News – a local advertising sheet – was seemingly miffed that anyone other than itself should comment on Edinburgh, and responded on 3 June with a peculiar and re-ordered misrepresentation of McIntosh's words in which it suggested Broughton and Leith were somehow at war ('Talk of the Town').

It omitted to acknowledge the source of its misquotations.

Spurtle has no interest in such artificial controversy. We enjoy very friendly relations with Leith, and remain committed to presenting accurate local journalism, written by and for locals.