Submitted by Editor on Thu, 04/02/2010 - 13:58

Mark Lazarowicz, MP asked the Prime Minister a question in Westminster yesterday. We reproduce the exchange below without endorsing or criticising the opinions expressed.


Q2.    [314798] Mark Lazarowicz (Edinburgh, North and Leith) (Lab/Co-op): Before Christmas, the Government confirmed in the pre-Budget review that funding for front-line schools, hospitals and police would be protected and increased in real terms. Neither the Tory Opposition here nor the SNP Government in Scotland have given a similar pledge. Meanwhile, in my constituency, schools are facing savage budget cuts at the hands of a Lib-Dem-led council. Does this not show that only Labour can be trusted to protect front-line services?

The Prime Minister: The Scottish Administration have had a record increase in public expenditure as a result of the previous public expenditure review. It is sad that they have not made a priority of education for the young people of Scotland. They will pay a price for that failure at the ballot box. Some of the cuts having to be announced by the Scottish Administration are the result of the wrong and misleading decisions that they have made.