Annoying great lump

Dear Spurtle 

Tonight I approached a Tate & Lyle heavy goods vehicle illegally parking, half on the pavement, in McDonald Place.

It was parked over the entrance to the Territorial Army building at the start of the street, and had run across the drain cover on the pavement. The cul-de-sac is narrow, which is why the driver had decided to use the pavement.

I asked  the driver to please move on because he shouldn't be  parked there for obstruction, vision and other reasons.

He said he had no time left and was staying put for the night, as the cash and carry was shut. 

Half an hour later, the cash and carry opened the gates and let the lorry into their yard. 

Why should locals always have to suffer from how Bestways Cash & Carry (Batleys) and their suppliers operate?

Alistair C. Robertson

(McDonald Place)