Derogatory towards Gaels

Dear Spurtle

Secure? Would it have been not secure if Drummond would have shared the premises with a Gaelic medium education?

Your headline [Issue 281, p.2] is derogatory: secure of the invasion of Gaels!

Wow, you really sound like those clearance driving lairds!

I e-mailed last year to you after a similar remark in one of your news items. You offered to have it corrected on your website.

Now, I don’t think this is acceptable, I would appreciate if you print an apology in your next Spurtle issue, not just mention it on the website.

And – could you please stop the general derogatory remarks towards Gaels in any future issues?!?!

Helga Rhein


[Spurtle will formally respond in our next printed issue, published on 1 March.—Ed.]