Dumpers ditch self-respect

Dear Spurtle 

We live in close proximity to Old Broughton. 

There are three recycling bins for paper, cardboard and packaging material. 

However some very anti-social folk regularily dump bottles there, which is a potential hazard for pets and children. 

This has now been compounded with a new trend – fly tipping. And when one person has dumped something it seems

others want to join in. It started with a fridge freezer. Then an oil-filled radiator came along, closely followed by an upholstered chair.

It’s sad that the dumpers don’t take a pride in our neighbourhood.

Victor Albrow

PS: Since this photo was taken, another kind soul has added a folding table to the ever expanding collection of items ... Once the precedent has been set, there's no stopping them.

M arc Robertson Fly tippers are just lazy, antisocial scum. Set up CC TV with reg plate recognition and get some heavy fines in place.
 Kate Kelly Yes, we get this regularly in India Place too - we notified the Council of the last lot a month ago - it's still there...
 Suzanne McIntosh Whole of Porty & Tollcross communal bins areas too - it's not Broughton - it's council wide. CEC waste services are failing us all.
 Paul Burgess Just like almost every street off leith walk. Disgusting.
 Sally Richardson Bit like Rossie Place looks most days