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Magic moments filled with rubbish

Dear Spurtle,

As most of us know, the bin people are on strike, having been offered a below-inflation pay rise. I can see their point.

However, local residents have apparently missed the point and just dump more and more black bin bags next to communal bins, no doubt hoping the magic bin elves will come out at night and spirit them away to the magic tip in the sky. 

If you dump a bin bag in the street you are fly tipping and should be fined for it. Yes, it's annoying having to keep a bin bag full of bottles and pizza boxes in your flat, but you could just hide them behind your 55-in TV for a week.

How do I know you have a 55-inch TV? Well, you left the box it came in next to the bin a few weeks ago, hoping the magic bin elves would sort it out for you.

Kevin Illingworth