Picardy Place – Why all the fuss?

Dear Spurtle 

I fail to understand what all the fuss is about the proposals for the reconstruction of Picardy Place.

What is clearly needed is a road configuration that will allow road traffic to move around the city as efficiently as possible and, whilst pedestrians need to be sensibly and safely accommodated, we certainly do not need to be spending the city's scarce funds on special cycle provision.

If cyclists do not feel themselves adequate to the task of sharing the carriageway with motor vehicles, they are welcome at any time to dismount and share the facilities provided for pedestrians.

As to the metal monstrosities by a local ‘artist’ which currently clog the pavement outside the Cathedral and act as a focus for unruly children and street drinkers, I look forward to these being unceremoniously removed well out of Spurtleshire to the wilds of Calton for the duration of the works.

With any luck, they will soon be purloined from their temporary dumping ground by itinerant metal dealers under cover of darkness, and we will not have to face the bill for the inconvenience of their return.

John Eoin Douglas

(Spey Terrace)


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