Responsible woofs not barking

Dear Spurtle 

An update on the plight of professional dog walkers in Inverleith Park (Letters, 14.2.15). 

It appears they are bound by a Code of Conduct produced by the Council. 

Amongst other things – such as individual registration, picking up after the dogs and generally keeping them under control – the Code recommends a maximum of six–eight dogs per walker. 

As far as I know, none of the walkers in the Park exceed this limit. I suspect only a lunatic would attempt to do so. 

And so I return to my original point. If professional dog walkers are complying with the Code, why are Environmental Wardens harassing them? Do they – the Wardens  – really have nothing better to do with their time? 

Incidentally, I’m all in favour of peaceful co-existence. But I don’t like bullies.

John Ross

(Dundas Street)