Tesco revamp – a pedestrian's view

Hello Spurtle

This a rather late comment on your article last month regarding Tesco's makeover (Breaking news, 7.8.13). I wholeheartedly agree that this has focused almost entirely on those who come by car.  Your article commented on how cyclists have been rather overlooked, but us lowly pedestrians have been forgotten too.  

The (hideous) enormous sign at the entrance is the most obvious problem, obscuring traffic which is turning to enter the store.  But the concrete stairs down to the entrance are also a very poor welcome, with short treads which slope backwards thus collecting rainwater. If you dare to drop off recycling without a car then you have to walk along the entrance road.  

The entire area at the end of the cycle path is very unattractive, even if a little improved by the trimming of the shrubbery (which revealed the old trolley cage). It is not enhanced by the staff who hang about on the wall smoking their fags!

Anyhow, at least they resurfaced the pavement on which my son previously tripped, thus embedding a goodly amount of grit in the flesh of his hand ...

Wishing you a peaceful supermarket-free Tuesday

Wendy Cooper
(Henderson Row)