Submitted by Editor on Fri, 30/06/2023 - 09:34

Canonmills and neighbouring streets are an unsightly and trip-hazardous jummle.

So says Napier Bathrooms’ Johnny Bacigalupo.

This morning, he contacted the Spurtle with a photo catalogue of shortcomings, many of which he blames on Council neglect.

Canon Street

Overflowing bin

Waste piling up and flowing out of the bins – 3 weeks or more of no collection!


Roadside signage
Cones on the road

Unused CEC signage everywhere. ‘I collected it all and put in a pile 7 weeks ago, after a person with poor sight tripped over it. It still remains in the pile. 

Outside 28 and 30 Canonmills

As the weeds in the kerbs and pavements reach knee height, it often makes us wonder what the Council does with our now rateable value of £27k per year! 

Canonmills Clock

Residents have now removed the ever increasing illegal advertising signage boards that roofing and decorating companies place all over the city on railings, traffic light posts and just about anything else.

Increasing graffiti and waste everywhere (all public waste bins removed without notice or consultation) – just in time for the Edinburgh International Festival!

‘What a mess!’ concludes Bacigalupu.

Spurtle doesn’t seek to excuse the Canonmills clutter, but we can partially explain it.

Night-time work on resurfacing the carriageways of Brandon Street, Brandon Terrace, Canonmills, Huntly Street and Inverleith Row began on 27 June and is scheduled to continue for an estimated 12 weeks. Work will be suspended during the Festival.

Sign in a hedge