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If a group of 'far-sighted entrepreneurs' get their way today, the York Place tram stop may cease before it has even properly begun. 

Spurtle understands that a plan put before transport chiefs in December, and due for determination this morning, proposes re-naming the York Place stop 'Leith Gateway' when trams start operating in May.

'We're confident about the business case for a change of name,' says backer Avril Pierwszy, ‘and we think it makes sense for customers and overseas visitors, too’.


Pierwszy speaks for the Confederation of Leith Independent Traders, which stands up for small businesses north-east of the city centre. The self-styled 'far-sighted entrepreneurs' were inspired to make their move when members heard retailers had got the Shandwick Place stop re-named as 'West End – Princes Street' last September. 

‘No-one's really heard of York Place unless they’re lost coming out of the Omni,’ says Pierwszy. ‘But everyone's heard of Leith, especially since the Proclaimers film. Loads of tourists will be looking for the quickest way to get their sunshine here this summer, so it's just common sense to signpost the transport route in a way that’s simple to understand.'

Sharpening the message


If Leith Gateway gets the go-ahead, then there are already plans to 'sharpen the message' offered by the Lothian Buses shelter over the road.


'It's early days, but we don't want anyone missing eastbound pick-and-gos out of the area’, says Pierwszy. ‘We’re looking at a variety of exciting options – LCD pavement routing, e-boards, audio messaging – to remind people how close, comfortable and convenient the 10, 12, and 16 bus services are'.

Pierwszy, who owns the Bête Noire pet studio on Bath Road but has a marketing background with Insite Responses in Salford, says the Leith Gateway option represents a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to conventional SME profile-throughputs.


‘No way could our members afford to advertise in the Evening News, and bill-posting carriages wouldn’t be legal or present the right image,' she says.

‘But “Leith Gateway” – free on maps and Edinburgh Trams literature across the city – will be ideal. Basically, it says it all  ...  Life doesn’t have to stop at York Place. There’s a whole new world waiting beyond Pilrig Street.’ 


Tacky and confusing


Closer to home, few businesses in Spurtleshire had heard of the proposal yesterday and none reacted positively to news of the development. One prominent trader, who asked not to be identified, said 'Commercial or special-interest connections to tram stops would be tacky and potentially confusing.

‘I don't want to get dragged into the old "Where does Leith begin and end" thing yet again. But, honestly, this idea is just taking the p---'.

'You’d have to hope those in charge will have the nouse to reject it outright. If they don’t, we'll obviously have to put our heads together, make a plan and come back to the table with something radical. 

‘It’s not a route I want to go down, but I can't rule out 
us pushing for Edinburgh Trams to re-brand the St Andrew Square stop as “Gateway to Broughton”’.


What do you think about Edinburgh tram stop names? Should they respond to local interests, or reflect older city associations? Tell us by email  Facebook Broughton Spurtle or Twitter @theSpurtle 




York Place will do just fine thank you very much...


Stephen Johnston Good idea!


 Kate Joester Clue is the pressure group acronymed CLIT? Like · Reply · 1 · 9 hours ago

              Richard Wilson Yeah I've heard they're very hard to find...
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             Greener Leith Apparently the newly formed Broughton Association of Sellers, Traders and Regeneration Directors was mounting a counter campaign, but word only reached us after 12 noon.

Nice try Spurtle!! Nearly fell for it.



Good one :)

 Colin Brown shared Broughton Spurtle's photo8 hrs · 
Another good transport story for today. Rather more parochial than the Guardian's groundbreaking news that we'll be driving on the right post-independence, but enjoyable nonetheless. Bring on the "Leith Gateway", that's what I say.


Happy 1 April!


Digest is out! Stories via


We are On Track with The Tram.




 Adleschott Beck Seriously tho, why do trams show that they go to "York Place" - surely "City Centre" more helpful to tourists.

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