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CSG Projects Ltd wants to build a Richard Murphy-designed 5-bdrm home on land it owns between the office at 12 Blenheim Pl and Greenside Parish Church (24/01889/FUL).

Only the top floor of the new stone-clad 2-storey structure would be visible from the street. The design here includes a green roof with photovoltaic cells and terrace garden, but from the road it would mostly resemble the featureless foundation of a much larger structure which will never materialise.

This ‘anonymous’ elevation results from Historic Environment Scotland’s pre-application response to an earlier twin-temple design for 2 homes. The latter, it was suggested, would crowd and compete with the A-listed neo-Gothic church next-door. The latest iteration takes its cue from adjacent plinth wall materials, height and detailing.


The proposed structure is far more interesting and attractive when seen from the drying green to the south, from which it is partially screened by a protective garden wall. This correspondent admires this side of the design's flair and sprezzatura in a sensitive site.

View from the south

The interior includes open and airy living spaces in a clutter-free architectural dream-world where rain doesn't fall, gulls don't shite or borrow your Pringles, and cats decline to shred furniture. Also: where children never irrationally throw themselves over parapets 15 minutes before a lunch at which it was specifically intended to reassure grandparents about allegedly incompetent parents-of-grandchildren's constant vigilance, competence and responsibility.


As of today, three letters of objection have been submitted to the Council. Spurtle suspects these and many more will rue the loss of the ‘pleasing’ view from Blenheim Place to the lower section of Calton Hill’s wooded brae. In all fairness, the proposed building would also block what the developers accurately describe as an ‘unfortunate view’ of some ‘undistinguished’ Leith Walk buildings’ horrible rear ends.

This observer's first impressions are positive. Alternative views are welcome at—AM

To support or oppose the new plans, express yourself on the Council’s planning portal HERE by 31 May. A determination is scheduled to be made by 21 June.