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Bruce Munro’s ‘Field of Light’ installation will be turned on at 5.00pm in St Andrew Square this evening.

Some 9,000 or 9,500 swaying glass balls on illuminated stalks – all of which change colour and promise visitors a free ‘immersive experience’ – will remain in place until 27 or 28 April. (Official sources differ.)

Munro refers to 'Field of Light' being transformed each time it relocates by a sense of life force – something which St Andrew Square’s squashed and yellow post-Hogmanay acres could certainly do with at the moment.

Councillor Steve Cardownie, Edinburgh’s festivals and events champion, had already described the ‘exhibition’ as ‘fantastic’ and ‘spectacular’ back in November. He remains confident today that the display will ‘attract interest and footfall’.

Marketing Edinburgh chief executive John Donnelly last year predicted ‘Field of Light’ would be ‘stunning’, coming at a time when there’s ‘a huge amount happening in the city’.

Offering a slightly different perspective, Andy Neal, chief executive of the city centre’s private commercial fiefdom Essential Edinburgh, said the work would draw people in at a time when ‘visitors feel there is not enough to do outwith bars and restaurants’. Last autumn he predicted the effect would be ’enormously appealing’, ‘stunning’ and ‘tremendous’.

None of these three local funders quoted in this morning’s Council press release has explained why they think the work is more fantastic, spectacular, stunning, appealing and tremendous than, say, Christmas illuminations.

Perhaps they don't. We suspect their excitement rests on the hope that stunned visitors will afterwards flutter like moths into nearby shops to spend tremendous amounts of money.

Less life force, more retail therapy.




  so cynical ;) RT : St Andrew Square 'Field of Light' just to attract moth shoppers?


Perhaps our cynicism will be dispelled by opening ceremony. It's at 6.30pm. In that bastion of the arts ... Harvey Nichols.

ha ha :) look forward to hearing thoughts after ceremony! During day thought lights looked light flowers, but flowers b nicer.

Healthy Edinburgh I think it'll look amazing once the grass grows - a real meadow of light then.


can it not just be art? And really cool? Which it is! A free public event in a public space - the best 

Probably. I hope so. Am interested to read reviews. But also sceptical about any Essential/Marketing Embo corporate ballyhoo.

Art or spectacle? Life-affirming or eye-candy funded by marketeers? [Photo: Lloyd Smith]  




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Beautiful! 's gone all alien/spider-egg magical RT : Art or spectacle?


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  1. Is Candy a reference to traditional art sponsors like Tate? Most art relies on sponsorship. Or day jobs... 


    1. Yes, but surely it's legitimate to question commercial context in which 'public art' is chosen & funded partly with public money?

    2. And still await explanation of how 'Field of Light' is more meaningful/worthwhile/wonderful than feux d'artifice of Times Square.


      Who is claiming it is more meaningful? And it's reasonable to look at sponsorship. See BP Portrait award, Fosters Comedy

      Meaning not inherent in art. Viewer brings it