Submitted by Editor on Fri, 28/04/2023 - 11:21

As you read this, surprise copies of the May Spurtle are already popping up across the barony like campervans on the forecourts of Fife.

Issue 328 begins with locals pleading for a good night’s sleep, a sad reflection, a grand span, disputed sunshine and some signs of the times.

Page 2 continues with yet another sign, this time the shrimp-gargling and nipple-tassel kind, followed by moves to ensure local voices are heard. Then we cover potential noise, bad drivers getting away with it, mounting costs and Fantasy Island fog.

On Page 3, you’ll find trees – lots of them. And a group of Friends with lofty aspirations. And all the latest coronation news in verse. We also feature beer-bellies, New Towners feeling let down, polyglottism, dangerous corners and contentious tarmac.

And relax. Page 4 is blissfully simple: dogs, traffic, non-batty gardening, exceptional management, UNICEF, trams, police, poppies, eternal youth and a ghost. Also, a new address.

Reading the Spurtle is much like eating pistachios: frustrating at times, unavoidably messy, difficult to stop. Find your pre-salted copy in shops and businesses across Broughton and beyond (including the Central Library) or download a free colour pdf here from midnight on 31 April/1 May.

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