Submitted by Editor on Wed, 31/05/2023 - 06:30

As you read this, advance copies of the JUNE Spurtle are already sprinkling across Broughton shelves like American tourists in search of a bathroom.

Issue 329 begins with news of a falling pie, influential views, a droop-defying local artist and the uncertain intentions of a new Gayfield venue.

On Page 2, we have figures, lots of them: school places, problems and reassurance about a popular misunderstanding. Also, more student housing, a firm stand on licensing, κουζίνα with κομψότητα, a curtain that can’t be twitched and Spurtle’s unrealistic expectations of publishing schedules.

Attacked by an enemy within? Don’t trust an evening paper to sort out your kidneys. Page 3 explains why. Here, too, we publish, unedited, an unreliable author, and report on the new face filling big boots in Trunk’s Close. Antiques, new starts, improved light and old buildings conclude Page 3, as do dementia guidance, lifestyle, a bicentenary and parking attendants finding new ways to dodge the rain.

Our back page this month is blooming beautiful, hubless, and underpinned with exclusive news on the slow progress at New Town North. There’s trouble with tennis, telemotoring on the Atlantic, and a timely response to one reader’s grouse about Georgian spouses.

In short, Spurtle condenses a mountain of news into the size of a molehill, then makes a meal of it. All Broughton life is here: news, views, history and the future of Humankind in just over 3,500 carefully curated words.

Make a note of the date and pick up your printed copy in black-and-white from any of the leading shops, services, eateries, drinkeries, plastic dispensers and public libraries across the barony and beyond. Or, if you prefer your hyperlocal journalism with added e-, download a colourful pdf from our website here from midnight on Thursday 1 JUNE.